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need kitteh?

West Michigan: I know of four polydactyl kitties who need a home, two ~1yr males and two ~7wk females. Let me know.
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no fun!

Please to be noting, if any Powers That Be are here, that I was very, very sad to have had to miss Misti-Con and I would very much like to attend future cons. And to present. And I'll even volunteer in advance to help with the formal presentation organization (and/or fanfic readings), et alia. I also have Other Skillz.

Yes, I'm that desperate to be able to attend, in future. (Desperation fueled by all con posts on lj. Woe.)

So please to be noting that:
The 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies takes place May 8-11, 2014.
The 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies takes place May 14-17, 2015.

I cannot attend con at the same time the conference I coordinate occurs, even with time-turner.

Take pity on me, I beg you.

April con?

Or maybe even late-May con?

OMFGPLS??!?! Bribery with pottery isn't out of the question...

(HPfen--keep fingers crossed, ok?)

ETA: Yes, I realize this must happen pre-'season' to have the run of the Margate, but I'm asuming that begins Memorial Day weekend there, as it does in Michigan... so looking at 2013 I wonder if one week later would have been OK, as it wouldn't have coincided many academics' finals week/commencements. (Or, looking forward to 2015, by moving a few weeks earlier than mid-May, those same academics might be able to schedule the time away, since it wouldn't be right at the end of the term.)

Beyond my own Wants and Needs, I'm very aware of the academic year -- the difficulties many medievalists have attending my conference (which is usually Mother's Day (US) weekend, set by the university/academic calendar) were the same for Misti-con. And if many of my attendees have a rough time negotiating leave in the face of the exams/grading/graduation requirements of their universities--permissions are sometimes difficult to come by, even for a professional gathering--you can imagine how the difficulty increases if the event won't even be a line on their CV. While there is no 'best time' (mid-summer works for lots of folks, whereas many academics are hieing themselves overseas to do research) it sort of comes down to who you're hoping to attract. I like to think there's a place for more serious discourse outside of academia--even for academics--and it was clear the last time I was in Orlando that that isn't it; I'd like to hope the Margate cons could capture the Terminus-seeded formal presentation spirit/energy that still exists within fandom. (In no small part because the big-name, high-priced "expert" has absolutely nothing on some of the truly excellent work being done that would be presented to the community without any thought to pocket-lining. Full disclosure: and he annoys the snot out of me.)

And I've unlocked the post so all who might be interested in seeing it can.

SSHG Exchange, Bingo, and Thou

SS/HG Exchange
Have you been watching Exchange Bingo longingly... wishing you could play, but because Real Life is beating you about the head and neck you fear you don't have the time or resources to provide a prize?

I have cards. I have already donated prizes. I'd hate to think of anyone unable to participate because of Circumstances, so reply here with your email address (screened, no need to feel embarrassed) and I'll help.

Click the banner to be transported to the Exchange Bingo Hall

the big tidy

I've gone and cleaned up my flist -- anyone who appears to have been gone for well over a year has been removed.

If I've removed you in error, please let me know and I'll add you back!


I made a teapot.

potters wheel
droxy just gave me the thumbs-up to post about it, since the gift arrived and Irish made her open it early. :)

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potters wheel

If you have an etsy shop or other website comment below with the URL and media--iIf you're willing to barter with other artisans, mention that.

Let's support each other, promote our work, be the awesome community we are!

juniperus : pottery
sabrebabe : handspun yarn
ani_bester : painter, crafter
morganlf : vintage


know it all
I'm trying to compile a list of Pottermore names so I can find y'all. (No, I haven't gotten my damn email, either... but many have, so I'm hoping it's soon.) If I've missed you, let me know and I'll add you to this running list. :)
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potters wheel

Lovecraft 'cult artifact fragment' experiment:

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Japan Relief

potters wheel
I have donated pottery for Japan Earthquake Relief
Please look at tag mudteam4mashiko for more pottery donations.